In conjunction with Humberside Police Commissioner and SB Parish Council, we are looking to recruit volunteers to run a scheme to monitor vehicle speed in our area.  Volunteers who take part will all be trained by an approved Police Trainer in the use of a speed detection device.  Once trained the volunteers will record the registration number of vehicles travelling in excess of the speed limit, the police will then issue warning letters.  Each team of 3 will be issued with Portable signage, Hi Vis jackets and a speed detection gun.
The criteria are as follows:
a minimum of 6 volunteers
a specific site wide enough for 3 people to stand
clear visibility in both directions
a speed assessment has to have been carried out in the last 5 years.
SB Parish Council receive many complaints of speeding vehicles through our village reported by you the residents, so now is your chance to act.  If you have the time and are interested in taking part, please contact Dave King, clerk of SB Parish Council, and we shall try to get this scheme off the ground.