A number of Cold Calling complaints have been received by the Parish Council over the past few weeks. Whilst the P. C. are unable to pursue each individual complaint we can give advice for individual Streets/Areas to set up their own Cold Calling Zones.
One person from each St/Area needs to agree to lead the application to become a Cold Calling Zone. East Riding have all the relevant paperwork to fill in for each separate Area, which outlines who is to take responsibility and which Streets it covers.
A petition sheet and signatures need to be collected from each household.
It takes 98% of households to agree to set up a Cold Calling Zone to continue beyond this point.
When all paperwork is completed, signs can be put up and stickers issued.
For further details please see attached information sheet from ERYC.  Individuals from each area thinking of setting up a No Cold Calling Zone or Neighbourhood Watch can contact Jody Nightingale at the following address:
Jody NightingaleTrading Standards Advice Officer Tel:   (01482) 396257 Web:  www.eastriding.gov.ukTwitter:   www.twitter.com/East_RidingFacebook:   www.facebook.com/eastridingcouncil
ERYC No Cold Calling Information