The Parish Council has received two complaints from farmers about residents walking across their fields where there is no right of way.  A further complaint has been received regarding the grass field behind Huntsman’s Lane which is used to graze cattle.  Some walkers who are not sticking to the public footpath along the river bank are allowing their dogs to foul the field and not clear it up afterwards.  The farmer of the field has advised the Parish Council that last year two cows that had grazed in this field aborted due to contracting  Neosporosis.  This a disease that cattle become infected with from dog faeces.  This cost the farmer £1000 for each aborted calf.  The Parish Council asks residents to please walk on the public footpaths unless the farmer / land owner has agreed otherwise and to clear up dog dirt.  Details of public footpaths can be obtained from the Clerk to the Council or from ERYC public footpaths team.