Events Committee

(Christmas square closure, Marathon and Remembrance Day Parade,
Over 60’s party)

Members: T. Pope (chair), R Clarke, P Butterfield. D. Flynn and D Stephenson and D.
Rutherford (co-opted) D Soppelsa, R Speake

Finance Sub-committee

Members: P Butterfield (chair), R. Clarke, D. Flynn, T Pope and RFO D King (also taking on the role of cheque signatories)

IT Sub-Committee

Members: D. Soppelsa, R Speake, A Fox

Emergency Planning Committee

Members: T Pope (chair), P Butterfield, D Flynn

Personnel Committee

Members: A Ripley (chair), P. Butterfield, R Speake

Street Scene (ERYC Village Task Force)

Members: C Clarke, T Pope